tiramisu 6.5
Ladyfinger cookies soaked in espresso, flavored with Kahlua, and layered with mascarpone cream.

apple tart 6.5
Apple tart served warm with a hint of lemon zest in an almond crust
a la mode 8.5

chocolate pecan tart 7.5
Decadent flourless chocolate tart with chopped pecans on a thick graham cracker crust, warmed and drizzled with house made vanilla sauce.

lemon cheesecake 7.5
A lighter take on the traditional classic cheesecake with a hint of lemon, served with fresh made seasonal berry puree.

sorbet 7.
Served in its own fruit shell, a choice of // lemon or coconut.

tartufo 6.
chocolate- Chocolate gelato covered with crushed hazelnuts with a zabaglione center.
coffee- Crushed coffee meringue over coffee gelato with a chocolate center.

gelato 6.
a choice of // vanilla bean. hazelnut. spumoni.

affogato 8.
a scoop of vanilla gelato topped with a hot shot of espresso.
“Modo Mio style” // Hazelnut gelato with Chambord + Frangelico 12.5

*please inform Modo Mio staff of any known allergies.

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